27 March 2011

back on business


yeah im back for about 3 month of no post... just because im soooo lazy to type a post...
so make sure u remind me to post after this yea. ^.-

and so.... spm has ended and my result were quite disappointed cuz i was target at least 6 but hey.... it's much2 more worse than what i targeted.
so here's my result

bahasa malaysia - A
english - A
sejarah - A
mathematics - A
addmath - B+
biology - B+
physics - B+
chemistry - C+
pqs - B+
psi - B+
bahasa arab - B

.... i was wondering... starting from my upsr. my result was quite an art... it was B,A,B,A,B,1 in my uprs and B,A,A,A,B,A,A,A,C in pmr and now spm.

and so...

im 18th now... and i have to start looking a way to make a successfull life fi dunia wal aaaakhirah.

"ya muqallibal qulub... thabbit qulubuna ala thoa'tiq" correct me if i wrong

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+akufobia+ said...

tetap semangat.go.