08 November 2011

exam is over!

just a short post... kot...

so the exam ended with... urmm.... ntah lah :D

so the study week was great. no classes. no wake-up-at-8-o'clock. and wat so ever. huhu.... but hey... due to every-day-training-session... it was soooo tired. *dah la muke da hitam. :D

so the result of my xm?
english was total failure... mcm karangan bdk2. :D
math? i think i was ok... kot. :)
scs comp? ok je... tp soalan die pelek2. tapape. huhu
phy? susah tp tak tau kenape sme yg aku buat rase tenang. :) alhamdulillah...
and last chemist... boleh buat tp sme tak confident. aiyoyo....

rabbi yassir wala tuassir...
allahumma najjihna fi haazal imthihan

but during the exam week, i think i've learned something IN the hall which are
- im a product of hidayah... so act as one :) *due to hari2 kene bace doa kat depan org ramai. :). well i admit teketaq jugak la kan.
- walau pon kite cacat ke ape.... we still can have a good life but in a different way of course *one of my exam prefect was !@#$%^.^ but still she's a happy lect. hehehe... im happy for her.

till next post

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