05 August 2009

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Two religious schools closed after students fall ill

JOHOR BARU: Two private religious schools in the state have decided to suspend classes after 50% of its students started suffering from fever.

SR Islam Hidayah and SM Islam Hidayah in Kampung Sinaran Baru, Skudai, decided on the precautionary measure despite no reported influenza A (H1N1) cases there.

A visit to the schools found that a notice had been pasted at the entrance informing visitors that they were closed from yesterday until next Monday.

A parent escorting his son out of the SR Islam Hidayah Kampung Sinar Harapan in Skudai, Johor, while a school official pastes a notice (inset) on the school’s closure Monday.

The notice was issued by the board of trustees for both schools.

Board chairman Prof Dr Noor Azlan Ahmad Zanzali said the closure of both schools was not on the instruction of the state Health Department.

“The school authorities and the parents of the children were concerned as many of the them, including the teachers, were down with fever.

“We thought it would be wise if we take the precautionary measure to close the school.”

The schools have a total enrolment of 1,600 students, he added.

He said health officials had inspected the schools earlier but found it free of H1N1.

Going for screening: SK Sri Kenanga pupils assembling on Monday before they were taken for health checks by the state Health Department.

In a related development, parents of students from SK Seri Kenanga were worried and angry as to why the school remained open after a 12-year-old pupil from the school died of the flu virus.

Several parents were also fuming when they saw health officials and teachers wearing masks while none were provided for pupils.

Johor Education Department director Sufaat Tumin, who was briefly at the school, said it was the health department and not the education department that has the authority to close a school.

“The school will conduct activities as usual pending checks by the health authorities.”

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