27 December 2009

Form 5 Ahead!!!


pintu kelas aku.... time f4.

uwaaaah!!!... 2010 is around the cornet. my holiday years going 2 end just around 3 days left.

well, next year i have to participate in the spm aaaannnnd... erm, depending on my final exam... i have to work very hard to beat sofina's result and also all my bro's.

my class name is iftikhar... sound wierd but the meaning is "proud".

hope this class will get a caring class teacher bcuz from form 2 till form 4 i've got a veeery uncaring class teacher... sumtime class teacher tak kenal pon plaja2 die. kindda sux this all are past memory.

to all my mate... jom lawan sape dpt spm tetinggi!!! especially anas,arep,caer,sofi,amaRUS,aduh,aya,b,nads aaaaaannnndddd.... sape2 lah :D

harap semangat ni x sekerat jalan jek. ^^
till next post...
da nk kene blk JB da.. >.<

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+akufobia+ said...

selamat balik ke JB.haha.