03 October 2010

Unexpected visitor

I know it's the Raya period but sometimes we do get unwanted visitors....The scene above is not a sight one would want to see when you get back at 12am from a 9 hour journey after spending the festive weekend with relatives. Yes my avid readers, my house was amongst the 4 houses in my housing row that got broken into by burglars. We actually got the news earlier in the morning from a neighbour. He told us he saw our refuse door open on both sides - a sign that someone had been inside the house. On first inspection the front of the house did not show any signs of forced entry but upon further inspection, he found that the windows at the back of the house were wide open... Damn... That's MY ROOM's window!

Okay, so we would have to wait a whole day before we could access the damange. It didn't help that traffic was quite slow moving on the way back from Kelantan. We we planning to come back on the day we got the bad news so at least we didn't have to change any of our plans because of this.

So, we arrived at home at about 12am. We left my grandparent's place at about 4 pm. It usually takes only 6-7 hours but that day traffic was surprisingly heavier than usual. We were pretty sure the front of the house was quite well protected. We parked all our cars very close together with my sister's car parked close, parallel to the sliding door so there was no space for anybody to do any "work" there. All other cars were parked closely together.

When u have a big family you have alot of cars that u need to park securely for the long holidays...
Anyways, they came in thru my window. My room is an extension of the original building and apparently upon inspection of the point of entry the security grille was installed in an unprofessional and insecure manner. It was screwed on to the aluminium window frame. A good installer should've bolted the grille into anchors driven into the wall itself. Oh my... what an overlook that was! So my advice to you guys is to check the manner that your grille was installed. Some contractors take the easy way to things like this. Security is not something you'd want to take lightly...

So, after a brief inspection of the mess we gathered that the only valuable item lost was my dad's work laptop. It was his newest laptop, which meant in a silver lining sort of thing, that the laptop did not contain much important information which is what is more important than the laptop itself. For this, my advice would be to always back up your data on your laptop and keep it SEPARATELY from the laptop bag. There were 3 other laptops in the house but apparently they only took that one laptop, probably because its the newest. The burglars were probably after only cash and jewellery judging by the mess they left behind going thru the wardrobes and drawers. Of course they found nothing as we do not keep cash in the house and my mum takes all her jewellery with her whenever we are away from the house for more than a day.

Ironically, the took my hair clipper set, the Remington ones I bought when I was a poor student and used to cut my own hair! oh well, the blades were getting blunt anyways. The also took my Unifi cordless phone but didn't take the base! Not very smart were they? My little brother's piggy bank with small change was also stolen. The funniest thing lost was my youngest brother's school bag! The burglars actually removed the school books inside the bag and just took the bag. Very random but I think they must've used that to carry the stolen goods.

Most scary of all was the kitchen knife found on my parent's bed. they must have taken it just in case they found a maid or anyone in the house... which makes me feel rather alarmed that these people would've been quite violent if we were infact in the house at the time of the break in.. imagine them coming in through my window when I was sleeping! The noise would've woken me and ehem... I have a few weapons in my room at my disposal if the need arises.

So dad went to file a police report and the inspector finally came at about 2 ish and investigated the crime scene. An assistant was there to dust certain items for finger prints. None was found. They must've worn gloves. The Inspector was quite friendly and we had a pleasant time assisting his investigation. He did tell us some juicy stuff about what the police do to get their suspects and stuff like that. I shall not share that info here though. I kinda feel sorry for the understaffed police force. The do not have enough man power to frequently round the housing estates under their jurisdiction. We need the government to increase the police force numbers and we can not attain developed nation status if crime is a rampant problem... He told us that the best  thing is to have a private security company protect our neighbourhood. We tried that but people didn't all cooperate and pay the monthly fees.

The policeman left at about 3am, and I felt then, exactly how I feel now: Sleepy...

Good night all. 

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