19 October 2010

my side reception... yeah!


Almost a week has passed till i finally get to sit down and write about my brother's wedding reception, hosted by our family at Dewan Prima LJT at Taman Melawati, just across the main road from my parent's house.

so here's the story..... just pic actually :D


my eldest brother art works... smart ey... :D

After that there was the cake cutting ceremony. Do not be fooled, most of the cake is not real. only a portion of it is. Mum didn't allow eating whilst standing as is is not of islamic akhlak so the just cut it and posed for the cameras.

the 10th of October was Aisyah's birthday. My brother wanted to surprise him with a birthday cake... He wanted the MCs to announce it but we were not gonna let him off the hook that easily! hahaha.. The MCs announced that the groom had a special announcement to make... hahahaamik kau... he was put on the spot but i think he did pretty well....


In came the birthday cake!


Ngap!! yum yum!
Bride-groom with both parents 
Bride-groom with my parents
Bride-groom with the bride's family
The siblings with our new sister...
The hardworking girls/women. Grand aunt tok Wan and Maksu with their children played a major role during the whole preparations and running of the event.
I wonder what the girls were gossiping about?!


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nanti nta punya pun macam ni gak ke?hee.

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