16 November 2010

7 day and counting....


so.... 7 days left

its just around the corner ey...


ease us oh Ya Allah!

to all my friends yang mcm takde drive sgt nak study kat rumah.
hear this.

SPM is just once in a lifetime okaayy!
fake it till you make it.
well, that goes for me to >.<
susa btol nak blaja kat ruma...

"M" sungguh besar

best luck for me and my batch in spm
pray for us ey.

camon sofwan you can do it more than more than we can do it... lawelawelawelawelawelo... we're da best, the veryvery best cmon lets doit sofwan uuuu allahuakbar! yushoadari.. oritachi... oritachiwa... ******
(ok tapape jek)

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